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BLAZE BROTHERS on ComicBooked!

“I am so pleased to say this series is not only looking to be a big independent hit, but a smashing freshman success from the Blaze Brothers.  Blaze Brothers takes all the things you love about guy movies and mashes it up into one big colossal story about honor, respect, family, and a hell of a lot of violence."


BLAZE BROTHERS… Only on Comicbooked!

“Vernon Whitlock and Matt Krentz are just two regular guys from St. Louis, MO who believed in the American Dream, that anything is possible.  They didn’t come from money, they weren’t handed anything, they just said they were going to make this movie… and they made it happen.  The film was called Streetballers (A.k.a American Streetballers) you can see the trailer here.  After they accomplished that goal they set a new goal.  They were gonna make a comic book…”
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